Affiliate Program


We’re offer Highly Competitive Benefits:-

  • Fast Payout Commission
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lifetime Revenue on referred players
  • Earn up to 60% on your Revenue share
  • No Adminstration Fee
  • “0” Risk “0” Capital



Established in 2012, MoonRich88 is a stable and rapidly growing company. With over 1000 partners, we have successfully attracted 500k+ players to our platforms.

VIP Manager

Every partner has a personal VIP manager to assist with all queries.

Flexible Marketing

Access our versatile brand promotion tools. We’ll customize creatives to elevate your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate programme uses a simple and convenient platform to work with.


The system, payment gateway, marketing tools, and other services are all available to all partners and are user-friendly, secure, and easy to use.

Fixed Payments

MoonRich88 Partners offers transparent payment methods and a flexible commission structure for affiliates. Get paid monthly.

About Us

MoonRich88 are now recruiting Affiliates! The MoonRich88 Affiliate programme provides professional and dedicated support to all MoonRich88 Affiliates and it entails absolutely no Affiliate sign-up costs! Simply refer customers to www.MoonRich88.com and you can earn commissions of up to 60% of the net winnings MoonRich88 makes from your referrals!

Why do players choose MoonRich88?

MoonRich88 offer an extensive range of casino games and many more! MoonRich88 are the in-play specialists, offering different bonus and promotions for in-play betting every month. MoonRich88 offer great odds that are 20% to 60% better than those on offer from a betting exchange (after commission is paid on the winnings).

To the convenience of our customers, we strive to offer an extensive range of the best payment methods available, while ensuring the highest standards of security, ease-of-use and fast processing times.
MoonRich88 have a friendly and professional Customer Care Team who provide 24/7 assistance via Live Chat, telephone and email.

Why do Affiliates choose MoonRich88?

MoonRich88 offer an impressive commission scheme where Affiliates can earn up to 60% of the company’s net winnings made from your referrals.

MoonRich88 uses accurate online Affiliate performance tracking software for 24/7 access to commission, referral information and Affiliate-exclusive promotional material, such as up-to-date banners, member promotions and Affiliate-to-referral exclusive promotions.

We have a dedicated and professional Affiliate Team available to provide assistance and advice with all enquiries.

MoonRich88 provide the most convenient consulting service through channels such as Telegram, Skype, email or phone call, to ensure our Affiliates can easily get the professional service, support and guidance they require.

What can I earn?

With the MoonRich88 Affiliate Net Winnings commission plan, you can earn up to 60% of the company’s winnings from Casino Games, Live Casino, Lotto and Virtual Sports in commission.

Your total earned commission amount is based on the wagering activity of your referrals on MoonRich88 Casino Games, Live Casino, Lotto and Virtual Sports for each individual calendar month as a cumulative total. Your commission rate entitlement will depend on the total Net Winnings earned every calendar month. You can find out more information here .



We have banners in all sizes, promoting our welcome offer, games, our VIP program & other promotions. High-Volume partners benefit from custom media and promotions.


We launch new games and promos regularly and your players will always be aware of it with our advanced CRM programs.


Our conversion optimized Landing Pages are ready for use and testing with your traffic. Custom Landing pages are available too and we will work with you to optimize conversion


Our team can provide specific content made for your website and can provide you with unique reviews, game reviews, industry related content etc

How do I become a MoonRich88 Affiliate?

Getting started in 5 easy steps: –

  1. Read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions .
  2. Complete the application form and submit it via online.
  3. If your application is successful you will receive a confirmation email containing your affiliate account information and access to the Affiliate marketing tools.
  4. Choose your promotional banners, links and promotions, where available.
  5. Begin referring customers to MoonRich88!

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].
Join the MoonRich88 Affiliate Program today and start earning with us!